What are the different views that people hold about interviews as a technique


The author claims that an interview enables us to discover a person's hidden talent. It reveals the truth to us about people and historical events. It is an incredibly effective form of communication. It provides us with the most detailed impressions of our time period. In real life, conducting an interview is an art that has many different purposes, techniques, and benefits. Asking a celebrity questions allows us to learn more about him or her. We must not lose sight of the fact that an interviewer occupies a position of significant authority and trust.
Rudyard Kipling, V.S. Naipaul, H.G. Wells, Saul Bellow, and other well-known authors are among the celebrities featured in this chapter who vehemently detest interviews. The time to do an interview never came. Interviews were often viewed by the majority of them as an unnecessary intrusion into their life. The details of their private life were kept a secret by them.
Even having an interview is viewed as immoral, illegal, or perhaps as an attack. They believe that the interviewers squander their time, which they could use to be more inventive. On the other side, the general populace views interviews favourably since they learn about the hidden and deep aspects of their values. However, interviews have disadvantages as well.
The interview has benefits of its own despite its flaws. Even though the interviewer is prying into the interviewee's private life, it is nonetheless a very effective form of communication. We only acquire vivid impressions of our contemporary celebs from the interviews. We catch a glimpse of how they operate.

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