What are the factors affecting respiration?

1. Temperature

2. CO2:

Increase in CO2 concentration and absence of O2 adversely affect the rate of aerobic respiration.

3. Light:

Control respiration by raising the temperature of an organism.

4. O2-Extinction point:

i.e., minimum oxygen concentration at which aerobic respiration takes place which is 3 - 10% of oxygen. In some cases a direct relation between the respiration rate and oxygen concentration has been reported.

5. Water:

Very low water content in dry seeds and stored tubers is responsible for very feeble rate of respiration. In wilted tissues the stored starch converted into sugars which increase the rate of respiration while in well hydrated plants the rate of respiration is not likely to be affected much by slight changes in the water content.

6. Respiratory substrates:

Higher availability of respiratory substrates increases the rate of respiration upto a certain limit.

7. Stimulation

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