what are the final products of carbohydrates, proteins and fats after their digestion.

The end products of digestion of fat, protein and carbohydrates areFat Fatty acid and glycerolProtein Amino acidCarbohydrate - GlucoseAbsorption of Protein: The lining of our small intestine contains several small folds called villi which provide surface for the absorption of amino acid the simplest form of protein. When the digested food matter passes through the small intestine, the amino acid gets absorbed by the villi. The amino acids are then transported to the blood capillaries from villi and gradually enter the blood stream.Absorption of Fat: After digestion of fat, the fatty acids and glycerol are absorbed by the epithelial cells of small intestine by the process of passive diffusion.
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Fats- Fatty acids + glycerol

Carbohydrates- Glucose + glucose/ galactose/ fructose

Nucleic acids- Sugar + nitrogenous bases

Proteins- Amino acids

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Fats- Fatty acids + glycerol

Carbohydrates- Glucose

Proteins- Amino acids
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Proteins - Amino acids
Carbohydrates- Glucose
Fats- Fatty acid and glycerol
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Proteins-Amino acids
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