What are the health hazards associated with silk production? Answer in a full paragraph or just tell me a site about it.


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The health hazards that are associated with silk production are respiratory problems, skin infections back problems and eye infections.

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hazards in wool and silk factories

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the health hazard associated with silk production are respiratory problem of skin infection
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Sorter's disease : it is a fatal and risky disease when the silk is being sorted sometimes a bacterium called Anthrax gets infected in the body . This is an occupational hazard as well.
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Workers in the silk industry are affected by number of diseases like respiretary disease such as asthama and bronchities etc . Because the workers are required to work in units that are cramped and damped and poorly ventilated their , exposed to faul and smelling vapers while steaming and realing the silk fibre .The hardling of dead warms with bear hands also leed to illness and infection.

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The hazards are : 1)coming in contact with dead worms may spread diseases 2)asthama due to foul gases produced 3)blisters due to imersing hand in hot water in which cocoon is boiling
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Some health hazards of wool and silk industry are as follows: 1. In the wool industry worker who sort wool often suffer from a fatel blood disease anthrax or sorter's disease which is caused due to infection of anthrax disease. 2. Workers in silk industry have to dip their bare hands into hot water to judge by touch whether the fine thread of silk and loosened enough to be . This often causes blisters on their hands.
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