What are the surreal thing in the story wedding in brownsville

The protagonist of the short story, Solomon Margolin comments towards the end of the story that he seemed to be lost in a dreamless state which was more profound than a narcotic trance. This line helps elucidate upon the surreal elements present in the short story. The tone is set from the moment the taxi starts moving again and Solomon Margolin realizes that the streets the taxi was driving through were unfamiliar to him. It seems to be symbolic of a purgatorial state where the people have something unearthly about them as if they were being punished for sins committed in another incarnation. Margolin felt intoxicated at the wedding, the foggy hall was spinning like a carousel and the floor was rocking but the high point of the story is when he meets his old flame Raizel who he knew had been shot dead. Their interaction with each other, Margolin believing that in some strange way life had given him a second chance, anticipates the ending of the story when he says that it was almost as if the Messiah had brought the dead back to life. He is aware of Raizel being dead but reality has become unreal for him such that he sees dead people behave normally as if they were alive. Then it begins to dawn on him that he might also be a part of this twilight world where astral bodies wander in semi-consciousness, detached from the flesh, unable to reach their destination, clinging to their illusions and unfulfilled desires of the past. This hallucinatory vision gives the story its open-ended ending and we are left unsure as to what was really happening.

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