What are the three important charactertiscs of development? Discuss the interrelationship between growth, development and reproduction in the maintainence of the life.

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The various characteristic of development are as follows:
1. Development is an continuos process which takes place at slow but regular pace.
2. Development follows a certain sequence thus it occurs in an orderly manner. For example, from infant to early childhood then to later childhood further to adolescence and finally maturity is the sequence of development in the human beings.
3. Development can be seen as a product of interaction of the organism or individual and environment.

Reproduction is a life process. It is not as such the essential life process for the survival of a living organism but it is a life process necessary for continuity of life. 

Growth and development is also considered as life process as these require energy and taking place continuously.
The various life processes essential for the existence and maintenance of life are sensitivity, movement,growth, nutrition, respiration, reproduction, and excretion. 


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