What are the ways we can think of to avoid wastage of food

  • Proper storage of food grains, fruits and vegetables are essential
  • Food must be prepared according to the amount consumed
  • Food should not be wasted in social or religious functions
  • Excessive refining or processing of food must be avoided
  • Left over foods must be kept in fridge and reuse instead of throwing them off.
  • Serve small amount of food at a time to avoid wastage

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 food wastage is done more by human beings - it is less among animals and very less among birds. Majority of food wastage is observed in Social gatherings at Function halls, restaurants and now a days at temples also. Hence Government should make it a strict rule that cooked food should never be throw in public garbages. It should be diposed off thru Waste Management services, by paying cost - which should preferably double the cost of preparing such quantit of food. It should further be noted that Non Veg Food disposal charge should be exhorbitant, because ecological imbalance is caused due to culling of animals and more pollution due to disposal of such food,

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all the wastage on the earth done by human beings

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The ways to avoid wasteg of by giving the cooked food  to orphanage , beggers.

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we didn't have to make more foods in parties and any funktions. when we have more food in our house we have give it to the animals like cow dog etc.

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