what are your views about the different attitude of general takima against american prisoner of war in dr. sadao's house?(the enemy)

Dear Student,

When Dr. Sadao reveals about the enemy to the General, he seems to accept the reason Sadao gives and ignores it. He was undergoing a surgery therefore his mind was not concerned with the enemy. He says that he understands Sadao's decision as he had once taken a degree from Princeton. He goes on to say that it reveals Sadao's exemplary powers - he can save anyone. It seems that the General was saying anything to not to distress his doctor so that the surgery goes smoothly. Later he promises that he will send his assassins to kill the enemy so that Sadao is not inconvenienced in any manner. When he realises that he had forgotten his promise to Sadao he anxiously asserts that it as not due to a lack of patriotism or dereliction of duty. The General seemed very anxious as to what Sadao would think of him. In these conversations and his behaviour we can understand that the General did not care about the enemy, only his reputation. 



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