what can be expected questions and answers for viva in business studies practical on anti plastic campaign.

The following type of questions can be asked in the viva.
1) What are the substitutes of plastic
Ans: Paper bags, Jute bags, etc.

2) How plastic is harmful to the environment
Ans: Harmful effects of using plasatic bags are:
a) ​Plastic waste accumulated in land fills amount to a lot of soil pollution over the years since they are non-biodegradable.
b) When plastic is burnt, the harmful fumes enter into the atmosphere and has direct effects upon someone who breathes it. 
c)Plastic also finds its way into drains and sewage pipes, clogging them; more often than not, this may lead to water pollution directly and/or indirectly.
d) Animals sometimes, feed on plastic and die painfully as plastic chokes their digestive and respiratory tracts. This is a very serious concern in many countries worldwide.
There have also been incidents of little children suffocating while playing with plastic bags and toys.

3) Measures taken by government to minimise the use of plastic bags
Ans:  Measures taken by government to minimise the use of plastic bags include the mandatory pricing 
of plastic bags, explicit levies on each bag, taxes at the manufacturing level, discounts on the use of ‘own bags’, 
awareness campaigns, command and control approaches and, in some cases, a total ban on the use of plastic bags.

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