What could be the another ending for "the black aeroplane"?
following are my suggestions:-
1. he didn't took the risk and turned back to Paris.
2. when we took the risk, the storm took him to some another magical world.
3. the black aeroplane was real.

plz tell which suggestion is better, or if any other, and plz describe a bit. (just a small help)

Dear Student
The alternative ending for the story can be when he took the risk to face the storm, the storm took him to a different place which is totally different from the place he was from. The place was some kind of magical in nature.


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The lesson “Black Aeroplane” by Frederick Forsyth reflects on how one’s judgement gets distorted due to fantasizing and how it creates problems. In this chapter, the narrator is a pilot who is so eager to meet his family and have a good breakfast that he takes the wrong decision of facing the storm instead of doing the right thing. Miraculously, he somehow manages to escape with the help of a mysterious aeroplane.
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