what did taylor want to communicate through mental revolution??

Mental Revolution means that the management and the workers should be able to transform their minds. They should know and realise that they need each other.
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When is financial leverage favorable?
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Taylor communicated through the mental revolution that management is a scientific process and a systematic study not a rule of thumb.
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Financial leverage is suitable in case when earnings from the debt are higher than the cost incurred on it.
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mental revolution involves a change in the attitude of workers and management towards one another, from competition to cooperation.
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Taylor insists that there is need for both the groups to change their attitudes for each other. He insists on mental revolution which means complete change of attitude and outlook for each other.
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Taylor emphasized that there should be complete transformation in the thinking / attitude of management and workers towards each other. Managers should share surplus with workers and the workers should work with full devotion.
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