What do the metaphors of Fire and Ice convey to the readers? Highlight the underlying message by the poet

The poet has touched the universal issue of the ending of this existing world. He gives a message a well as warning to human beings. Man is swaying between two extremes or elements of fire and ice. Sometimes he is shaken by his uncontrolled fire of passions,lusts , longings and fury. This results to greed, avarice and passionate love. All such extremes can lead to unavoidable conflicts and disasters. If not controlled they can help in bringing an early end of this world. The other human emotions Osborn out of cold and icy reasoning. When the cold reasoning becomes completely devoid of human warmth, feelings,love and sympathy,it breeds hatred. Thus hatred born out of cold indifference, insensitivity, and rigidity is strong enough to cause the end of this world. Humans can redeem itself and possibly save if such extremesof thinking and behaviour are given up ngings
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