what do the two roads symbolize?

One road indicates the trodden path which is travelled by every one and is with fewer difficulties. The other one indicates the untrodden path which is not taken by anyone and is full of obstacles. The untrodden road gives you the real delight and fantasy of life. Follow your dreams.

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The 2 roads indicate lifes. the 1 one is rarely traveled and the other is much more travelled by the people.the poet like risky way so he took the less traveled one

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The two  roads are symbolic for the decisions that we have to take in life when we are in a state of dilemma.We often come across many situations when we are totally confused and we have to decide what solution can be applied. The choices stands infront us like the two roads and we have to choose any one.

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Robert Frost, in this poem, talks about the choices we have in life or decisions we make. He says what we decide today is going to affect our future. Though this poem is filled with irony and criticism. The traveler wants to opt for the road less travelled by as he wants to see how being different from the rest of the world will change his future. The uncertainty and lack of faith in his decision is clearly visible when he says 'I shall be telling with a sigh'. Here sigh does not clarify whether the decision he took was right or wrong. Another theme can be 'carpe deim' (sieze the day). The poet says that one must grab the opportunity he gets in life. Sometimes the decisions we make can be wrong but that is way better than standing and not choosing anything. The traveler in this poem debates with himself as to which path to select. This shows that he is keen on choosing one instead of just going back with the fear of selecting a wrong one. Frost uses a lot of symbolism in his poetry. His solitary travellers in a few poems, especially this one, symbolize that one has to travel alone in his life. He might have companions but when it comes to making decisions and choosing something for himself, he stands alone. Nobody but he will shape his future and nobody but he will be affected by it.
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The two roads symbolise the journey of life and the decisions we make during the journey.
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The roads symbolize the choices people make in life...
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The 'road' signifies or symbolises the journey of life and the choices we make on that journey .

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What does the two roads symbolism in the poem
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