What do you mean by national development?

National development refers to the ability of the nation to improve the live of its citizens. Some of the measures are increase in gross domestic product, improving literacy rates, improving medical facilities, etc.

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It refers to the progress of the nation as a whole. The policy decisions that benefit a large section of a country’s population lead to national development.

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When poor people of country get employment, money and good facilites.

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progress or development at a national level.

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country "s  national progress is seen in term of income that is average income - total income of country people divided by its population also called as per capita income.

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National development means the ideology of different person regarding development of countries. These ideologies could be at times conflicting.It is measured by:(a) Average income (b) Per capita income

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Development of infrastructure like roads ,hospitals ,schools ,dams ,airpoarts, etc as well as development of its people like education and health national development focuses on development of large no. of people not a small group like giving electricity needs more dams so development of infrastructure is required and in return all people get electricity. human as well as country development takes place in national development.

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It refers to the progress of the nation as a whole . The  policy decision that benefits a large section section of a country's population lead to nation development.
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National Development is the development within the nation here national development refers to :-
1. physical development:- People of the nation or the soldiers of the nation should be physically well built and should be able to handle all situations and the most important is the mental development so that they can act wisely and properly in the very adverse conditions as well as situations .
2. Economic Development :- economic development refers to the annul income per capita if it is very high for all the capitals then it is considered as developed economy.
 3. Social development- social development refers to the development in social interactions of people as well as political leaders it takes in consideration how the people of any one nation take actions , interactions , and most important of all decision and how the people cooperate with it.
4. Political Development refers to the development in political system of any one nation wether the political leaders of the nation value people take decision in favour of the people or wether they give their attention towards their citizens.
5.Lifestyle Development include the type of lifestyle that the nations citizens have and this reflects its human development as well as environment development . for eg if accidents are more then human development is less or the country does not have safe roads or traffic rules.  
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