What does human life depend on

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Human life depend on everything
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Human life depends on plants directly or indirectly.
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human life depend on air water and Minerals
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Human life depend on food and water because humans cannot live without it because from water and food gives energy to live and from fight from disease because it made our immunity still to fight with disease.
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human life depend on air water Minerals and bacteria either directly or indirectly.
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Air water minerals and sunlight
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air and water
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  • Human life depends on air, water and food (in the primary level); and cloth and shelter (in the secondary level).
  • Air is needed for respiration as well as circulation which are the important mechanism of the living organism.
  • Besides, 70% of our body is made up of water and it forms an essential part in various functions of our body.
  • A healthy and nutritious food is essential for our existence and survival.
  • Food is required for growth, development and body repair.
  • All these three primary elements protect the body from diseases and provide energy for doing all life functions.
  • Cloth protects from heat, cold and rain. It also gives an attractive feature to body.
  • Our home provides shelter to us and protects us from changing environments. Thus, human life depends on these factors for the survival.
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Human life is depend on air water fod cloth shelter
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