What does the poet actually want to say in the poem 'Fire and Ice'? How?

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The poet is trying to give the message that nothing in the world is eternal. He says that the world will end as a direct result of either fire or ice. 'Fire' here stands for passions and desires which are disastrous for human beings. 'Ice' or hatred might bring cruelty or insensitivity, which can lead to the end of the world.


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Through the poem "Fire and Icepoet wants to convey that the world will come to an end either by fire or by iceFire here stands for desire and greed and Ice stands for hatred and rigidity. The more we satisfy our greed, the more it increases. Similarly, hatred is also ruining humans slowly.
He concludes that both the weapons are equally dangerous and destructive
'Fire and Iceis a symbolic poem by Robert Frost. The poet wants to aware the humanity that everything will end one day as a result of human misdeeds'. The poet says that both fire and ice are destructive. Fire of violent desires will put the world to an end.
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Robert Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice” is a strong symbolic poem where fire is used as the emotion of desire and ice, that of hatred. He has used the idea of two groups who have their own possible explanation for the end of the world. One is of the opinion that fire alone, can destroy each and every possibility of life on Earth while the other thinks that if ice as a result of extreme low temperatures could cover the earth’s surface, it would lead to the end of the world. Both the components are compared with self-destructing human emotions: desire and hatred. The poet is originally of the opinion that he has been very closely associated with the “fiery desires” and considers it capable of bringing human beings on the verge of destruction. Thus, he considers fire as more competent for destruction. But then he thinks that “icy hatred” is just as capable of ruining humans, though slowly and steadily. Therefore, if Earth was to end twice, ice would be just as good as fire. If fire would lead to rapid destruction, ice would lead to silent damage. Similarly, if fire is pure passion, ice is pure reason. Thus, the poem, very artistically, underpins the philosophy that we let our emotions rule us and if don’t control them they will surely bring us all on the verge of chaos.
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