what doubt did the poet have in his mind

he was doubted which road to choose because he knew that he wouldnt be able to change his decision later
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The doubt was that which road he had choose bcoz later he didn't change his decision
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What does the yellow veood stand for
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the poet had the doubt of whether he would be able to come back on the first road which he had left for another day. yet,he knew it was not possible as a way leads to another new ways.

3rd  stanza last line: " i doubted if i should ever come back."
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the poet was standing at a path where he had to make a decision on choosing a path which was worn about the same. he finally decided to choose the second path and thought of coming back to the first another day. but he was doubtful if he ever came back to the same path. this is a metaphor of our life when we have to make decisions. these two paths are the good and evil of life. hence the poet chooses the path of good and becomes successful.

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beacause she was sad

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