What happened before industrial revolution between India and Britain.....

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Before the industrial revolution, India was a strong and economically prosperous country. As a result, many European countries, including Britain, sought to trade with India. The British received permission to trade with India from the Mughal emperor. They then set up factories and trading stations in different parts of India like Calcutta, Madras and Bombay.

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India was famous for her handicrafts from the pre-British times. In Mughal periods such as the variety of handicrafts that it became famous in the global market.

However, the Industrial Revolution came late to India. This was mainly because of India?s complicated political and economic relations with Britain.

Impact of the revolution:-

India dominated the cotton textile market in the 18th century. It took a severe hit when the Industrial Revolution began in England around 1760s.

The use of steam power in British mills reduced the cost of cotton by 85 %.

In order to protect its domestic industry, it began to restrict textile imports from India. On the other hand, it started to import textiles to India.

British protectionist laws led to deindustrialization in India.

The new colonial law forced the farmers to grow cash crops like cotton instead of food crops, leading to famine and poverty.

The third Industrial Revolution started in India in?1980s. Advancement in this phase encompasses the spread of personal computers, internet, and ICT.

In India, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is mainly based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
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