what happens when electric current is passed through tap water?

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As tap water contain dissolved ions therefore it acts as a good conductor of electricity. When the flow of current is sufficiently high, water decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen gas. This phenomenon is known as electrolysis of water. 
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When Electric current is Passed through tap water or impure water ,the salts present in it helps in conducting the electric current by producing ions.

Ions arean atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.

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The current will pass through the tap water as it is a good conductor of electricity due to dissolved ions of impurities.

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tap water has some dissolved salts in it . salts ae good electrolytes . these salts hepl tap water to become a conductor of electricity. so , when electric current is passed thruough tap water the ions conduct electricity and water dissociates into H+ and O2- ions. this process is called electrolyysis of water.

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When electric current is passed through water , water dissociates into H+ and O2- as the valency of elements was exchanged in order to form H2O andthe described process is called as electrolysis of water. The process of electrolysis is used to break down a compound into parts...

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Tap water has salts and several minerals dissolved in it which makes it a good conductor of electricity

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