"what if the hundredth tiger were also killed ?" said the maharaja. what did the state astrologer say to the king then? (The Tiger King)

@ sneha 

the astrologer predicted at the time of birth of maharaja that for sure , the death will come to maharaja by the tiger beacuse he born in the hour of bull .

then after the first hunt of tiger by maharaja , he again called the astrologer and asked the ques ,

in reply to that astrologer said that yes, the prophecy was still true , he might kill 99 tiger but not the 100th one , if he would able to kill then he will burn all his astrology books , cut his hair short , and become a insurance agent by leaving the profession of astrology .

this statement of astrologer make maharaja astonished .. 



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He would burn all his books on astrology and would cut off his tuft, crop his hair short and would become an insurance agent.
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thank u 
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