what is adverd of manner , time & place pls explain .. it with example 

Dear student,

Here is the answer:

a) Adverb of Manner: These adverbs tell us about how a particular action was carried out. These adverbs mostly consists of the common adverbs that end with -ly. For example beautifully, happily, sadly, softly, quickly etc. 
- She folded her clothes neatly.
- The student asked the question politely.

b) Adverb of Time: These adverbs tell us about when an action took place. Adverbs of time are mostly found at the beginning or at the end of the sentence. For example tomorrow, annually, monthly, yearly, recently etc.

- He recently changed his job.
- She gets up at 5 a.m. daily.

c) Adverb of Place: These adverbs tell us where the action took place. For example above, below, everywhere, here, into etc.

- He searched everywhere but couldn't find his hat.
- She fell down.


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pls answer this one also experts
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