What is an echo ? What is the minimum distance to hear the echo of a transient high pitch sound ?

We hear echo when a sound is reflected back after hitting a hard surface. It can be said that echo is the reflection of sound.
                    Reflecting surface should be 17m away from the sound- producing object if we want the echo to be audible. Echo is produced whenever sound is reflected but our ears are able to distinguish between the sounds only when the reflecting surface is at a distance.
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Echo is a distinct, reflected sound wave from a surface.To hear an echo, the time difference should be a minimum of 0.1 second.For an echo to be heard , the minimum distance is (1/2) of 34.3 ? 17 mIf the time is less than 0.1 s , the first sound being still in memory , we hear a prolonged sound called reverberation sound.
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bouncing back of sound us called a echi
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Reflecting sound is called echo.
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