what is BDMAS ?

bodmas tells us the order which we carry out operations.B stands for brackets.O stands for powers.D stands for division.M stands for multiplication.
A stands for addition and S stands for subtraction
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its actually BODMAS
B brackets
O of
D division
M multiplication
A addition
S subtraction
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B - bracket
O - operation sign
D - division
M - multiplication
A - addition
S - subtraction
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BODMAS tells us the order to carry out mathematical problems 
BODMAS stands for.....
B- brackets 
O- order
D- division
M- multiplication 
A- addition 
S- subtraction

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BODMAS tells us, in which order a problem is to be solved.

B stands for BRACKETS
O stands for OF (an operation)
D stands for DIVISION
A stands for ADDITION
S stands for SUBTRACTION.

Thus, it means first we have to solve the brackets.

Secondly, the 'Of' operation.

Then, the division.

After it, the multiplication problem.

Next, the addition.

Finally, we have to subtract the given numbers.

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