what is big bang theory?

Big bang theory is a theory that tells how universe, that is space time and matter was formed in the universe. This theory was derived mathematically from equations of general relativity by the Belgian monk Georges Lemaitre that gives a creation point of the universe. 

Chief features of Big Bang theory are 

  1. All points that comprise our universe was confined to a single point of infinite temperature, infinite density and known laws of physics does not hold at that point.  
  2. An explosion occurred at that point about 13.75 billion years ago and point began to expand, real time started. It can be thought as small marks on balloon being inflated.

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big bang theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very begining of our universe.

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 Big Bang theory states that first there was a pt. source in the universe which had an enoormous amount of energy stored in it when this pt. became unstable then a big explosion took place and a very huge amount of energy was liberated so a very large amount of sub atomic particles or anti matter was liberated so some gets attached to each other forming big structures and some doesnt so ih this way the fundamentals of the universe was formed

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