what is cast taboos?

Definition of Taboo - ‘Taboo’ means restricted or forbidden. 
India had been divided into four major castes, viz; Brahamans, Kshatriyas, Vaishayas and Shudras and many internal smaller castes. These castes were forbidden to intermingle with each other in relation to their rituals and ceremonies. This system of society based on Castism was known as ‘caste taboo’. 
Examples - 1. Marriage outside theses castes was strictly forbidden and anyone violating these unsaid rules would suffer ill fate.
                  2. The 
Shudras  were considered as subordinates to all other castes and were illtreated.

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these are restrictions or certain rules which are to be followed by people of lower castes and is a part of the superstitious society.these restrictions cause the people to be bound to servitude.

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