What is Chemosynthetic mode of nutrition ?

What is posteriorend of dinoflagellates?

What is Centromeres?

What is Spindle?

What is Cytoplasmic microtubles?

What is Chromatids?

Chemosynthesis- The process of carbohydrate synthesis in which organism use chemical reaction to obtain energy from inorganic compound  is known as chemosynthesis.

Chromatids- These are the two identical halves of the chromosomes which are held together at a point known as centromere.

Microtubule is a polymer of globular tubulin subunits, which are arranged in a cylindrical tube. It is one of the components of the cytoskeleton. 

The spindle fibres are microfibrillar structures formed by the centrioles, that pull the chromatids separate during cell division.

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