what is conductor and insulator . give some examples ?

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Any object which allows electricity to pass through it is called a conductor.Eg. fresh water.

Any object which does not allow electricity to pass through it is called an insulator. Eg. plastic

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 A conductor is a material which contains movable electric charges. In metallic conductors such as copper or aluminum, the movable charged particles are electrons (see electrical conduction). Positive charges may also be mobile, such as the cationic electrolyte(s) of a battery, or the mobile protons of the proton conductor of a fuel cell. In general use, the term "conductor" is interchangeable with "wire." Insulators are non-conducting materials with few mobile charges and which support only insignificant electric currentslike plastic, wood etc.

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Conductor is something which allow electricity to pass from them for eg metal iron and insulated does not allow to pass current from them eg rubber

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conductors are  the material which allow the pass of electricity and  heat   whearas insulators  are  the  material  which do not allow passage  of  heat  and  electricity


conductor- steel,copper wire etc.

insulator-rubber, wood etc.

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Conductors are materials that pass electrical current easily, that is, with low resistance.
Insulators are materials that do not pass electrical current easily, that is, they have high resistance.

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conductors allow electric current and heat to pass through them but insulators do not  eg:cond:all metals

eg:insu:air, plastics etc

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