What is d difference btw:

1. fusion nd fragmentation

2.fragmentaion nd regeneration

3. budding nd regeneration???

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Both regeneration and fragmentation are the type of asexual reproduction. They both stand for the same meaning i.e growth of an organism from a part of the body. Regeneration is mainly associated with the animals whereas fragmentation is mainly associated with the plants.

 Regeneration is of two types, in the first type, a part of the body that gets broken off or cut is regenerated. For example, lizards cast off their tails to escape predators and then regenerate them. 

The other type of regeneration involve the capacity to give rise to an entire organism from a cut part. It is seen in small invertebrates such as planaria and Hydra.

 Fragmentation is also a mode of asexual reproduction. It is the unintentional cutting up of the body of an organism which each grows into different organism. It is most commonly seen in some algae.

Budding involves the formation of a new individual from a protrusion called the bud. It is very common in plants, yeasts, and lower level animals such as Hydra. In Hydra, the cells divide rapidly at a specific site and develop as an outgrowth called a bud. These buds, while attached to the parent plant, develop into small individuals. When this individual becomes large enough, it detaches itself from the parent body to exist as an independent individual.

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1) Fusion is when the male and female gametes fuse together to form a zygote and is a mode of sexual reproduction.

  Fragmentation is when the body of an organism breaks into small fragments and breks down separately to form a new organism for eg. is spirogyra.

2) Fragmentation is as above

Regeneration is when the body of an organism separates and then regenarates into new organism from each part for eg. planaria.

3) Budding is  in which first the nucleus divides then the cytoplasm and then the whole cell and forms a new organism in the form of a bud. for eg. hydra and yeast.

 Regeneration as above.

here are the pics


picture showing budding cells

picture showing yeast cells

picture showing budding in hydra

fragmentation of organism called spirogyra

regeneration in planaria


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