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What is difference between  hexagonal pyramid and prism????

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Vishnupriya Mishra , added an answer, on 14/11/12
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HEXAGONAL PRISM - 1. The top and the base of hexagonal prism are congruent.

                                         2. The lateral sides are polygons.

HEXAGONAL PYRAMID - 1. Base is always a hexagon.

                                              2.The lateral faces are always traingles and have a common vertex.



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Srusti Dash , added an answer, on 11/11/12
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hexagonal base PRISM:

  1. the base and the top of this polyhedron are congruent hexagons.
  2. the lateral sides are rectangles.
  3. V= 12



hexagonal base pyramid:

  1. base of this polyhedron is a hexagon and all the other faces join to the common vertex.
  2. the lateral faces are all triangles.
  3.  V= 7, E= 12 AND F= 7


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