What is division of labour? Explain it in contest of multicelluear organisms

In unicellular organisms, the cell is capable of performing the different life processes with the help of the different cellular organelles. The division of labour in multicellular organisms refers to the presence of different organ systems that are incharge of taking care of a particular life process. For example, the respiratory system, helps the body in obtaining oxygen from the air and supplying it to the rest of the body.

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We  know  that  there  is  a  division  of  labour  between  different  organs  of  our  body.  For  example,  the  heart  pumps  blood......Similarly,  there  is  a  division  of  labour  between  different  organelles  of  a  cell  too.  For  example,  mitochondria  is  the  power  house,  lysosomes  clean  up  the  cell.............This  is  called  division  of  labour  in  cells.

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division of labour in multicellular means that as there are many cells present in multicellular organism, each cell is specified for different work. So there is not a burden on a cell to perform all the life activities. different life activities are performed by different cells in multicellular organism.

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