what is Enaima and Anaima??

Animals were classified into Anaima and  Enaima by Aristotle on the basis of RBCs.
Anaima were those who didnot had RBCs.
Enaima were those which had RBCs.
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Aristotle classified animals into Anaima and Enaima on the basis of absence and presence of RBCs respectively.
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anaima did not had rbc
enaima had rbc 
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The animals has been classified into two types by Aristotle on the basis of RBCs : 1. Anaima : they are those animals which donot have RBCs 2. Enaima : they are those animals which have RBCs. 😁😁
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anaima is absence of RBC in blood.
enaima is presence of RBC in blood
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ENAIMA: The organism having red blood or we can also say organisms having haemoglobin, as the red colour to blood comes with help of haemoglobin.

ANAIMA: The organisms lacking red blood.

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