What is environment? What is environmental pollution?

By environment, we mean our surroundings, which have an impact on our lives. It is the sum total of the surroundings and resources, including both biotic resources ( i.e., living creatures such as plants and animals) and abiotic resources (i.e., non-living things, such as air, water and land) that effect our existence and quality of life. However, because of the rapid increase in population and industrialisation, the excessive use of resources has resulted in their degradation and depletion. Also, the discharge of harmful substances into the environment has contributed towards pollution. Environmental pollution can be classified into the following four types.

(a) Air pollution: It is caused by the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

(b) Water pollution: It is caused by the discharge of industrial and household wastes into the rivers, thereby degrading the quality of water.

(c) Land pollution: This is caused by dumping toxic wastes on land, which in turn damages it, making it unfit for agriculture.

(d) Noise pollution: It is caused by the noise from factories and vehicles, which may cause serious health problems such as loss of hearing or mental disorders.

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