what is fibre-wise

Fibre-Wise basically means wise utilisation of fibre. These are actually the eco-friendly measures and methods that should be practiced, in order to minimize pollution and the harmful effects of plastic. As we know plastic is non-biodegradable because its decomposition is not possible by natural processes. Also, there is no estimated figure of the time required for its decomposition. Such non-biodegradable substances are hazardous for our environment.

Hence it is required on part of man to adopt wise practices for proper usage and disposal of fibre in a way that it causes least harm to the environment. Following are few ways by which this can be done

1) By not disposing plastic on the road and water bodies.

2) By using more of natural fibre goods (like cotton, jute bags) than synthetic fibre goods (like polythene).

3) By trying to minimise the use of plastic. 

Also, we should be careful in the usage of fibre and follow the 4R principle, i.e., Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover.

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