What is genetic engineering?Explain Briefly the steps involved in this process?

 Genetic engineering covers all various experimental techniques that manipulate the genes of the organism. It uses recombinant DNA, molecular cloning and transformation.


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genetic engineering is the manipulation[change] of genetic material which when maintained leads to alteration of the phenotype..steps involved are;

use of recombinant DNA

use of gene cloning

gene transfer

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Genetic engineering is the fusion between two species to get desired quality into a new specieus.
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Genetic engineering is a technique for artificially and deliberately modifying DNA (genes) to suit human needs. It includes techniques like creating recombinant , gene cloning and gene transfer.
Steps in genetic engineering:
1. Identification and isolation of genetic material.
2. Cutting of the DNA at specific locations using restriction enzymes.
3. Amplification of the desired gene using Polymerase Chain reaction.
4. Introduction of gene of interest into host cell or organism.
5.The gene is cloned and the desired gene product the recombinant protein is obtained.
6. Downstream processing is done which includes processing like and separation purification
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