What is good for society is also good for business true or false give the reason

Dear student,
It is true that what is good for society is also good for business.As business is a part of society so it is indeed important for a business to work as per the needs and wants of the society in order to grow and flourish.No business can achieve success without considering the needs of the society.
Some of the social responsibilities of the business are as follows:
  • To provide the employment opportunities to the youth.
  • To provide good working environment to employees
  • To pay government taxes on time
  • To not to pollute the environment while conducting production activities.
It is important to consider the interest of the society for the following reason:
(1)For existence and growth: For long survival ,it is important for a business organisation to provide continuous and good quality services to the society.
(2)For Building goodwill:Goodwill can be defined as the reputation of the company which is indeed build by creating a positive image in the society.
(3)Avoiding government regulations:Government can interfere in the work of the organisation which is not working in favour of the society.So it is important to do what is good for society.For example:indulging in adulteration.


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true because when we think about society goodwill then society persons think about are business progress and support are business
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