What is immunization? List two diseases against which vaccines are available.

Immunization is the process in which a person's immune system is enhanced by giving inactive form of the disease causing agent ( immunogen). This agent develops the human immune system to fight against that agent and if attacked again by the same agent the immune systems give a more stronger response and eliminate the disease. 

Two diseases for which vaccines are available are Polio and Diphtheria.

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Immunization is the process of protecting our bodies against diseases by means of vaccines....Vaccines are available for TB and Measles...Hope this helped! :)

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  1. When the immune system first sees an infectious microbe,it responds against it and remembers it specificaly.
  2. So the next time that particular microbe or it 's close relatives enter the body,the immune system responds with even more great vigour.
  3. This eliminates the infectioneven more quickly than first time around.
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