what is inflorescence?mention the special type of inflorescence with example

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The arrangement of flowers on floral axis is termed as inflorescence.
Special types of inflorescence:-
1) Verticillaster :- It is a modification of cymose inflorescence. Initially it is a dichasial cyme but later on it is reduced to monochasial scorpoid cyme nad thus forms a false whorl around the node or axis. Example:- oscimum, salvia etc.
2) Cyathium :- It is a modification of cymose inflorescence where a single female flower lies at the centre surrounded by many male flowers. Both male and female flowers are achlamydeous. The pedicel of female flower is elongated so that it lies outside the involucre. All the male flowers are enclosed by involucre. Nector glands are present on the surface of involucre. Example :- Euphorbia, poinsettia etc.
3) Hypanthodium :- It is also the modification of cymose inflorescence where peduncle is modified into cup like receptacle bearing on apical opening called ostiole. The ostiole opens inside the cavity which bears large number of small sessile and unisexual flower. Male flowers are present inside the ostiole whereas female flowers are present at the base separated by gall flowers. Example:- fig, ficus etc.
4) Thyrsus :- It is a dichasial cyme arranged in racemose type on elongated peduncle. Example:- Ocimum.



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