What is Irony? Please Explain

Irony is a term for a figure of speech. Irony is when something happens that is the opposite from what is expected 
  1. A fire station burns down.
    This is unexpected because one would assume the fire chief would keep his own building safe.
  2. A marriage counselor files for divorce.
    This is ironic because the expectation is that a professional who coaches couples through rough patches would herself have a strong marriage.
  3. The police station gets robbed.
    Again, the expectation is that professional crime fighters would be able to help themselves; in this case, by securing their own station.
  4. A post on Facebook complains about how useless Facebook is.
    This is ironic because one would expect someone who dislikes Facebook to stay away from it instead of using it to make their point.
  5. A traffic cop gets his license suspended because of unpaid parking tickets.
    Because the traffic cop is usually the one issuing tickets, most people would assume he always followed the rules.

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Irony is a figure of speech in which the real meaning is exactly opposite to what is being said. For example:

These sweet little mountains fascinate me.

The doctor needs a medical advice.

The teacher needs to be taught.
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