what is metagenesis in CNIDARIANS?


 It is d alternation of polyp { asexual) and medusa (sexual) stages in coelentrates.

eg: obelia

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if n=5th period then show that it has 18 elements

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it is the alternation of generation in which polyp reproduces medusa asexually & medusa reproduces polyp sexually in cnidaria.

eg:aurelia(medusa) &adamsia(polyp)

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It is alternation of generation (Metagenesis) that is polyps produce medusae asexually and medusae form the polyps sexually.
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alternation of generations according to their convienence that is either medusa (motile)or polypoid(non motile) form to make survival
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the alternation of generations in known as metagenesis . in cnidarians ...the polyp undergoes asexual reproduction to form medusoid ...and the medusoid undergoes sexual reproduction to form polypoids.polyp is non motile and medusoid is motile..
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Metagenesis in Cnidaria. This alternation of generations is characteristic for class Hydrozoa. ... This kind of alternation of generation in Cnidaria, in which an asexual polypoid generation appears to alternate regularly with a sexual medusoid generation is also known as metagenesis.
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Alternation of generations that allows the cnidarians to have both the body forms i.e. polyp and medusa.
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