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The mood of a verb is the manner in which the action or condition is conceived or intended.

In English there are three verb moods.

1. Indicative, a verb stating an apparent fact or asking a question. This is the way verbs are normally used in English.

2. Imperative, a verb stating a command or request.

3. Subjunctive, a verb expressing a doubt, desire, supposition, or condition contrary to fact.

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This property shows the manner in which a verb describes the action or state of being in a sentence. There are three moods in English— Imperative, Indicative and Subjunctive.

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yo ... maybe some examples of each type would sorta help ..

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Verb moods?are classifications that indicate the attitude of the speaker.?Verbs?have three?moods?indicative, imperative, and subjunctive.?
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