what is oligarchic management?

Mangement of company is in the hands of few Board Of Directors who may take decisions in their personal interest completely ignoring the interest of the other members of the company . This is refered to as oligarchic management .
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Directors enjoy considerable freedom in exercising their power which they sometimes use against the interest of shareholders. In such a situation directors often ignore other members of the company. This is termed as Oligarchic Management. This is also Rule by Few//
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oligarchic management means that in a joint stock company the power rests with only a few members i.e THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS  and they make the decisions without the consent of the other share holders
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The management of a company is supposed to be carried on in a democratic manner,and with the collective will of its members..However,in practise it is the worst form of oligarchy,i.e;control by a group of small people..The directors of the company misleads the members and use nasty means to get themselves selected over and over again..So that they can maintain control,as shareholders are ignorant and in difference of the working of the company.. In short it is rule by few members of the company.. 
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It is the management where shareholders are spread all over the country and generally does not participate in the management of the company.
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Oligarchic management refers to the management in hands of few...In this type of management the decision making authorities can misuse their power for their own benefit, they can even take decision that affect the interest of other stockholders of the company/firm.
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