What is Phylum Anthropoda?

The word Arthropoda means animals with jointed legs. It is the largest phylum of the animal kingdom.

General features are-

  • It has a segmented body like that of an annelid.
  • Body divided into head, thorax and abdomen.
  • Body covered by exoskeleton made of chitin.
  • Have organ system level of organisation.
  • Open circulatory system is present. Show Bilateral symmetry.

Example- Palaemon (prawn), Spiders, Insects, mosquito and cockroach.

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  • it is a phylum under the division invertebrate
  • it has a exoskeleton means it has a type of skeleton which is on sky, a segmented body which means its body is divided
  • it has 3 or more pair of limbs
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Phylum is a major taxonomic division of living organisms that contain one or more classes. In the hierarchy of classification, phylum comes after kingdom and before class. One such example is Phylum Arthropoda which belongs to the Kingdom Animalia.

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