What is speciation? List four factors that could lead to speciation. WHICH OF THESE CANNOT BE A MAJOR FACTOR IN SPECIATION? Explain.

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Speciation is the process of formation of new species from preexisting species. The factors responsible for speciation are:
  • Geographical barrier
  • Natural selection
  • Genetic drift
  • Large mutation
  1. Geographical barrier: Geographical isolation is isolation of a species or a group of individuals from others by the means of some physical (geographical) barrier like river, mountain,big glacier etc. As the result of geographic isolation, the two species are reproductively isolated. Geographical isolation results in evolution of new species. 
  2. Natural selection: It is the process by which nature selects the individual which can survive in a particular kind of environment with best possible traits. The nature selects those individuals which have variations which makes them more fit than others for the given environment. Selection  performed by nature, of the best suited varieties ( having favourable variations) to survive and destruction of the less suited varieties through exposure to environmental stresses results in the formation new species.  
  3. Genetic drift: Genetic drift may be defined as the sudden change in the frequency of the alleles of a gene in a given population. The random genetic drift may be an important factor in the formation of new species.
  4. Large mutation: Mutation is the change in the DNA. The large mutation in DNA can also result in speciation.
Among the given factors, geographical isolation cannot be the major factor in speciation. This is because geographical isolation cannot prevent the transfer of pollens among the self-pollinating plant and hermaphrodite animals. Hence, geographical isolation cannot promote speciation in this case.

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the formation of new species from existing species is called speciation.
  ​4 factors are: genetic drift, natural selection, reproductive isolation, accumulation of variations
  out of these accumulation of variations cannot be a major factor in speciation as over variations could lead to death of the existing species  
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The process of making new species from existing one is known as speciation.
four factors which lead to speciation are-'
severe changes in dna, genetic drift, mutation, natural selection.
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Origin of new species from the existing one due to reproductive isolation of part of its population is known as speciation.

Factors that leads to speciation are:
1. Geographical isolation
2. Genetic drift
3. Natural selection
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