what is the advantages of five kingdom classification over two kingdom clasification

 In the two kingdom classification given by Linnaeus, the division were only on the basis of absence and presence of cell wall. But the five kingdom classification  divide the organisms on the bascis of Cell type, cell wall, nuclear membrane, body organisation, etc. The five kingdom classification was proposed by Copeland.

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gud answer aditya but the five kingdom classification was proposed by R.H.Whittaker. Copeland proposed four kingdom classification

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The two kingdom classification was given by Linnaeus made two phyla i.e.,Plantae and Animalia. Two kingdom of classification has certain demerits :- It does not distinguish unicellular and multicellular organisms, prokaryotes and eukaryotes, photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic. Five kingdom of classification was proposed by R.H.Whitaker by adding a new kingdom a Kingdom Fungi.
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Carl Von Linnaneus classified the living beings into two kingdoms -
plant kingdom and animal kingdom
But it was later criticized as it failed to classify organism like euglena, which posses both the characters of plants and animals or fungi, which bear some characters not common to plants.
So, in 1969, R.H whittaker, an american ecologist advocated a five-kingdom system of classification.
Kingdom - Monera,Protista,Fungi,Plantae and Animalia.
This five-kingdom classification system classified all the living organisms in their corect order. Therfore, it is advantageous over Two-Kingdom classification.
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