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i. 1 - Cell membrane
2 - Centrosome
3 - Rough Endoplamsic Reticulum (RER)
4 - Nucleus 
5 - Cytoplasm
6 - Golgi aparatus
7 - Vacuole
8 - Mitochondrion

ii. Centrosome or lysosomes

iii. Cell membrane or plasma membrane is the outer most covering of the cell that separates the contents of the cell from its external environment. It is present in both animal and plant cells.

Functions of cell membrane:

  1. It gives definite shape to the cell.
  2. It is selectively permeable membrane.
  3. It separates the contents of cell from its surrounding medium.
  4. It regulates the movement of ions in an out of the cell.
  5. It provides mechanical barrier for the protection of the internal contents of the cell.
iv. Cell membrane is semi-permeable while cell wall is not permeable.
Cell wall - The cell wall is an additional protective, rigid structure present outside the cell membrane.
Cell membrane  - The cell membrane is porous in nature and helps in the inward and outward movement of substances.


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