What is the area of the square is equal to the area of a rectangle whose measures are 16 cm and 9 cm find the perimeter of the square also find the ratio of length of diagonals of the square and rectangle

Dear Student,
Area of square= area of rectangle
side2=Length×breadthside2=16×9side2=144 cm2side=12 cm (Rejecting -12 as length cannot be negative)Perimeter of square=4side                               =4×12=48 cmDiagonal of square=2×side=122cm=16.968 cmDiagonal of rectangle=length2+breadth2                                =92+162=81+256=337cm=18.35 cm

​​​​​​Diagonal of sqaure Diagonal of rectangle=16.96818.35=0.92468:1

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