what is the best way of reducing pimples from the face ?

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Pimples are most common during adolescence as there are number of changes going on in body.Once a person attains adulthood, the number of pimples decreases naturally. And best way to avoid pimples is to keep skin clean and oil free. 

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wash your face with soap after coming from outside..so that it can remove all the dirt from the small pores of your face. whenever you feel your face is oily just wipe your face with a dry tissue because oil in your face is the root cause of pimples appearing on face..if you really want your face to shine you can apply turmeric paste on your face ...i heard that the people from tamil nadu apply turmeric paste on their face regularly and they their face is really clear without pimples{most of them}.

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  1.  Turmeric and sandalwood pastes or ointments will do good.
  2. Another method is to crush a tomato and apply it as a paste on your face and let dry. Dont speak or move your face muscles as you apply the paste as it could lead to wrinkles
  3. . Applying carrot ,Mint leaves or aloe vera paste is also good and very effective.
  4. A hard but very effective method. - Take orange peels. Dry and powder it. Apply on your face. You can mix it with milk cream and apply. Besides vanishing pimples, your skin will become smooth.
  5. Above all, stop worrying .  pimples are only natural. Wash your face twice a day with a mild face wash, especially after you come from outdoors. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid eating eggs or too much fat. Drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated. 
  6. eat less of oily  things .
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