What is the difference between a cactus and lotus plant

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Cactus is a desert plant which can grow in less or no water.​ Its roots go deep inside the soil. It has leaves reduced to spines.
Lotus is an aquatic plant with hollow and light stem (to keep the leaves and flowers afloat). These leaves have stomata on the upper surface so that they can breathe easily.
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It is grown in dry and hot places like desert whereas lotus is grown in pond and wet places.
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cactus- it is found in desert,it is found in hot places,cactus has pines that can be hurt us
lotus-it is found in pond, big pond , it has no pins
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Cactus is a plant that Grows in very hot regions like deserts. It has made some adaptations to survive in deserts, like it has got its leaves into thorn like shape, it performs photosynthesis with the help of its stem etc.. It bears flowers during the night time.
Lotus is a plant that grows mostly in ponds, some lakes etc.. It requires soft soil with a lot off amount of water every time. It flowers during day.
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