what is the difference between chromosome and gene?

explain the table in NCERT which differentiates b/w the two, i found both of them to be the same then where is the difference?

The table given in NCERT does not give the differences between chromosomes and genes , instead it shows the similarities between them. Genes are segments of DNA and DNA itself  contitute chromosomes. So, both chromosomes and genes  show similar/ parallel behaviour. This is the basis of chromosomal theory of inheritance  which was proposed by T Boveri and WS Sutton in 1902 through their experiments. This theory explains the the parallel behavior between chromosomes and mendelian factor(genes).

Both chromosomes and genes occur in pairs in diploid organism.

Both chromosomes and genes loose their paired condition during gamete formation.

It is the pairing and separation of a pair of chromosomes that ultimately leads to segregation of the pair of factors they carry.

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