what is the difference between countable and uncountable nouns ??????????

Countable Nouns

A countable noun is a word that signifies things that can be counted. For example: book, cottage, shoe, car, watch, child etc. 


Uncountable Nouns

An uncountable noun is a word that signifies things that cannot be counted. For example: beauty, safety, brilliance, freedom, oil, gold, sand etc.


Hope this helps!

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Countable nouns can be counted (a/one book, two books, a lot of books), whereas uncountable nouns cannot (a/one newstwo freedoms). Therefore, uncountable nouns only have singular forms and are followed by singular verbs. We should bear in mind that there are nouns which are uncountable in English but countable in other languages, and vice versa. When in doubt, one should always consult a dictionary. However, certain kinds of nouns are usually countable or uncountable in English:

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